9 Surprising Ways Recruitment Prepares You for Medical School Interviews

When I joined a sorority my freshman year of college, I was expecting to meet life-long friends, get involved on campus, and go to fun date events. Nothing could have prepared me for the emotional roller-coaster that was formal recruitment, but I survived and matched with a sorority that was a great fit for me. Little did I know, formal recruitment and medical school interviews are virtually identical, and I felt incredibly prepared at my interviews since I had already been through one ‘rush’. So here’s how formal recruitment will prepare you to ‘rush’ a medical school.

1. You’re going to fall in love with every school when you interview, just like you fell in love with every chapter.

2. Knowing people at the school will help you prepare for the interview, and may even help your application, just like knowing sorority members helped during rush.

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3. The people you meet while interviewing will be some of your good friends, even if you don’t go to the same medical school, just like people you met during rush ended up being your good friends, even if you didn’t end up in the same sorority.

4. You’re going to feel emotionally exhausted waiting for decisions, just like rush week was emotionally exhausting waiting for bid day.

5. You’re going to know exactly what to wear, how to dress, and how to present yourself, because you went through rush and know that personal presentation matters.

6. You’re going to know how to answer tricky questions, because it’s the same as when you were asked tricky questions during rush. “What is your top choice of medical school?” This one, of course. “Are you interested in other medical schools?” I’m keeping an open mind, but I love everything I’ve seen at this school, I think it’s a great fit for me, and it is definitely one of my top choices.

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7. Your feet and cheeks are going to hurt from walking in heels and smiling all day, just like during rush.

8. When the interview day is done, you’re going to want a big glass of wine (or 2) and a nap, just like after a long day of rush.

9. At the end of it all, you’re going to get a “bid” from a medical school that will end up being a great fit for you, just like you get a bid to the sorority that’s the best fit for you.

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