reflections on neurosurgery.

Some reflections on neurosurgery: Instead of hearing Mozart gently playing while the surgeon quietly sat at the head of the operating table, as I had always imagined neurosurgery, two surgeons stood towering over the patient, the hum of the craniotome (a high-powered drill) drowning out all other noises in the room. My first neurosurgery was... Continue Reading →

The woman who spoke Quechua.

Quechua is one of the three official languages of Peru, and is commonly found in the Andes mountains as it is historically associated with the Incan civilization. Quechua differs drastically between the mountain villages, so a Quechua speaker from Cuzco may not be able to understand a Quechua speaker from Huaraz. It is also entirely... Continue Reading →


This past weekend, we hopped on a bus and visited an enchanting mountain city called Cajamarca. In Cajamarca, there are pre-Incan ruins, a farm that produces some of the best cheese you'll ever taste, and a downtown that will sweep you off your feet in approximately 7 seconds. We left Friday afternoon, and arrived to... Continue Reading →

Trujillo: Part 2

My dad called me the other day and asked why I haven't posted on the blog. The answer is three-fold. 1) I forgot. 2) I can't bring my camera out of my house, so I have almost no pictures. 3) I've been struggling to find a way to present Trujillo in a fair, unbiased way,... Continue Reading →

L a N o r i a.

Yesterday was my first day at the hospital, and it's taken me until now to form articulate thoughts about the experience. It was just so different from anything I've ever experienced! When I arrived, they assigned me to the Emergency Room. I recently spent some time shadowing in an Emergency Room in Waco, so I... Continue Reading →

Trujillo: Part 1

Llegamos a Trujillo!!! We arrived in Trujillo! There's a ton I want to tell y'all, so here is part 1 of 2 about our time in Trujillo. On Tuesday we took an overnight bus from Lima to Trujillo, arriving at about 7:30am, and then took a taxi to our house. Have I mentioned how horrendous... Continue Reading →

the llama sweater. 

Kristen's side of the story: It all started with a llama sweater. I had been looking at these sweaters when I first arrived in Cusco, but they were all so pretty I couldn't choose just one. Since we originally thought our trek was 4 days, not 5, we thought I would have a full day... Continue Reading →

Machu Picchu.

Did you know that Hiram Bingham, a Yale professor, accidentally found Machu Picchu in 1911? He was actually looking for another lost Incan city when he found it. Not only was it a city strictly for the noble people of the Incan civilization, but it was a religious center and an astronomical observatory. On the... Continue Reading →

Salkantay (sahl-khan-TIE)

When they tell you a trek is "not for beginners", it also means "not for intermediates" and "not for experienced hikers". Rather, it means "for Indiana Jones if he did steroids". I was going to start this story at the beginning of the trek, but I decided to start it before the beginning, at 4am... Continue Reading →

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