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As an NASM Certified Personal trainer, I love introducing people to fitness & wellness, showing people how to love and respect their bodies, and helping people realize their full potential. Whether you’ve never exercised a day in your life, or you’re a pro, I know you’ll find a workout program you’ll enjoy.


8 Week Bootcamp ($30) : If you’re wanting an introduction to fitness, and are looking to increase your overall health, I have an 8-week program just for you. It’s specifically designed for beginners, and will focus on improving cardiovascular endurance, toning muscles, and improving general wellness. Fill out the information below to sign up!


25 Day Ab Challenge ($15): If you’re a little more familiar with exercise, and really want to focus on tightening that tough tummy area, this 25 day challenge is for you. Increase core stability, tone your tummy, and lose fat, all in 25 days! Please fill out the form below to sign up.

Booty Bootcamp ($20): Ladies, this one’s for you! I’ve been working on this program for MONTHS, and I am SO excited to share it with you! Keep watching for it, it’s coming soon!



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